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The kitchen is the heart of the restaurant.The stand or fall of a kitchen's design, scientific and reasonable or not, not only directly affect the restaurant construction investment and the quality of food production, will also involves the speed of cooking, the efficiency of working,but also for the kitchen production ability and the long-term impact on the number of employees.Kitchen design can't simply let nature take its course, and save trouble, sloppy.The kitchen and its position is different, the kinds of the design layout different.Different types of kitchen all have different requirements in the design.An American management scientist once said, in addition to the chain store or restaurant chain  of the kitchen design layout is roughly same, could no longer find two kitchen layout in the design consistent in the world.An ideal design plan, not only can let the chef works with relevant departments closely and orderly, and offer comfortable environment for making delicacies good.

Most members of AFHSA have dozens of years of experience in kitchen design, and obtain world-class masters as our consultant. The layout of the whole kitchen equipment can be arranged and designed reasonably according to the needs of the scene and the function of the restaurant, and adjust kitchen equipment plan by combining the gas company, health and epidemic prevention, environmental protection, fire department requirements , as well as fully considering the construction, installation and acceptance of the actual situation in the future.
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